High Big Andi K

High Big Andi K, generously developed fox stallion seems just like a phenomenon like grandfather Big Star, who at the age of nine already participated in the London Olympic Games with Nick Skelton. Big Star Jr. KZ is just like the top jumping horse Taloubet Z (Christian Ahlmann) from Krista. Big Andi K is like a ball of elastic and has a fantastic canter. His mother already produced two national jumpers; the (1.35 Spr) prok sport mare Udorena (aka Deen’s Udorena) v. Jackson and the 1.40 gelding V.D.N. (aka Aramis) v. Krunch de Breve. Grandmother Dorena II (by Almé Z) jumped in the 1.50m. She is a half sister of the Grand Prix jumping horse Mr. Itt (Eric Willemsz Geeroms) and already brought many sport horses. v. Gray Silk xx x Feiertag III x Floreat x Iduna

Vrijspringen als veulen met moeder Padorena;
High Big Andi K, the 3 year old young stallion bred by Cees Klaver and ridden by Berry Wagenaar, started on Saturday 24 October 2015 as 1st and also finished 1st with a top score. The Noord-Holland Cup has been a great success in recent years! During the Noord-Holland Cup, just like in previous years, the horses started to ride a Pavo / Ibop test (depending on the breeding direction). The tests were ridden with two horses in the indoor track. The Cup was fought at Bucephales, Heerenweg 250 A, in Barsingerhorn. The Petro Trommelen inspectors; Regional Inspector for Zeeland, Brabant and Johan Hamminga, gave High Big Andi K the high marks of:GALOP -9 - REFLEXES - 9 - TECHNOLOGY - 9 - POWER - 9 - GENERAL IMPRESSION - 9 TOTAL PRESENTATION UNDER SADDLE - 45
The inspectors comment “Very talented show jumper with a striking amount of bascule”

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