Stal Klaver

Mission Cees Klaver:

“Breeding the best jumper horse in the world, that is my mission. Top quality, beautiful, with fast reflexes in front and behind. It is all about the performance. A jumper horse needs to show the right mindset, elastic powers and fast reflexes. To reach this goal, it is the challenge to find and match the best sport genes. Combining great mares and studs with a proven track record. For my own mares I also like to use promising studs born in our stable in Schoorl”

Jumpers and foals for sale

Jaloubet K with breeding mare

Stal Klaver is specialised in breeding jumpers. Please contact us for foals, breeding mares, and international sports horses by interesting sires. These are for example the progeny of the dam lines of Big Star motherline , Taloubet K Z, Big Star Junior, Embryo high quality mares ,  Jazz  de Coquerie en High Big Andi K. You are very welcome to visit us in Schoorl.

Stable Klaver: Breeder Big Star – Taloubet K Z – Taloubetdarco KZ

Four generations studs born in Schoorl

  • 1 Big Star
  • 2 Big Star Jr KZ
  • 3 High Big Andi K
  • 4 Le Roi Grand Andy K
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